Resources for “Rapid Application Development with Python and Glade”

A Beginner's Guide to Using pyGTK and Glade by Dave Aitel: /article/6586


GladeGen and Math Flash (all sample code for this article):

GTK API Documentation:




PyXML Software:



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Converting from Microsoft to Python

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Our traffic school site is currently in the process of rewriting our backend management system in Python and I have to say it sure has been a challenge for all of our developers.

Python and Glade - Another reference... and comment

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Glade and GladeGen look like absolutely terrific tools for building a classic relational database business system.

I hope to study the article and the references and understand better the tools and their capabilities.

Another reference that sort of shows generating GUI interfaces is Chapter 9 of Mark Lutz's Programming Python published by O'Reilly. (I got the Lutz book at a bargain price, the second edition is being remaindered on some book vendor sites.)

I have been working in an automobile parts store... as the temp delivery person. The computer system is 10 or 15 years old: terminals talking to a 486 box that uses a 14.4 modem. It is a system without ethernet or TCP/IP.

I hope soon to work out a SOAP interface to allow automobile owners, repair shops, parts stores, parts wholesalers and aftermarket parts makers and publishers of auto repair documentation to communicate with each other through an intermediate aggregator.

It would be very nice to have have a way to generate families of application systems so that the same XML data structures for an automobile, automobile part, automobile repair job, shop manual chapter can drive the appearance of this data in the appropriate order and with the appropriate titles and hyperlinks in each of the application systems.

Basically, I am working on a SOAP based aggregator.

Traffic school Online Defensive Driving

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Description: I DRIVE SAFELY Traffic School offers convenient Internet traffic School safety courses for Defensive Driving,Traffic School Online courses and State Certified courses - California Traffic School course, Florida traffic school and Texas Defensive Driving Courses.

Re: Resources for Rapid Application Development with Python and

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Reposting this so it's at the top level of comments. Until the 7421.tgz file is corrected on the Linux Journal web/ftp site, please get a corrected copy at:

Dave Reed

Re: Resources for Rapid Application Development with Python and

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The file included in 7421.tgz is actually another tar.gz file that contains all but the real and GladeWindow.pyc. Hopefully, this will be fixed.

- Nate >>

Re: Resources for Rapid Application Development with Python and

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Until it is fixed, you can grab a copy at:

I will remove that copy once it is fixed.

Dave Reed

Re: Resources for Rapid Application Development with Python and

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Additional PyGTK resources at:

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