Resources for “The Linux-Based Recording Studio”

Where to Start

You can Google your way to most software, but there are some great package resources out there. I'm on Red Hat, so I use PlanetCCRMA. The Planet is a project at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, maintained by a knowledgeable guy named Fernando. Not only does Nando maintain Red Hat RPMs of most audio and video applications, drivers, utilities and even custom kernels, he has an extensive guide for installing kernels, ALSA sound drivers and software, as well as for tweaking your machine's performance. I highly recommend reading through the Planet, even if you're not using Red Hat. There are other similar resources for different distributions. Places to start:



Linux Audio User's Guide:

Linux DJ:


Linux Sound and MIDI Pages:

Linux Sound How-To:




Ardour Documentation

Ardour Home Page:

Ardour Bugtracker:

JACK (Jack Audio Connection Kit):

JACK User Documentation:

Installing and Configuring ALSA, JACK and Ardour on Red Hat 7.3, by Jan Depner:

ALSA Sound Drivers:

The Ardour Documentation Project:

The Mandrake Audio Worksation HowTo:

Recording Audio from JACK-Enabled Applications in Ardour, by A. J. (Tony) Schiavone:

Jacking Pd and Ardour - a tootorial, by Reiner Klenk:

General Recording Information

ALSA Sound Card Matrix:

“Setting up a Multitrack Audio Recording Studio”, by Alex Heizer:

Creating Audio CDs With Linux, by Dave Phillips:

MP3s: Recording Tutorial:

The CCRMA Recording Sessions:

Microphone Tutorial:


RME's PCI Cardbus and Multiface Combination Card:

RME's HDSP 9652:

“Using the Hammerfall HDSP on Linux”, by Peter Todd:

NQuit Tips:



Electronic Musician:


Planet CCRMA:

Low Latency:

Low Latency in the Linux Kernel, by Dave Phillips:


Microphone Tutorial:

Amplitude-X Forums:

Microphone Reviews:

Electronic Musician, Microphones Reviews & Features:

Shure Beta 58A Dynamic Microphone, Chris Bereznay:

Rode NT3 Microphone:

Mic Reviews:

Studio Acoustics

Steven Klein, Acoustic Design & Products:

Steven Klein, Basic Guidelines for Placement of Acoustic Materials:

Studio Acoustics—Introduction:

Control Room Acoustics, by John Storyk:

Mailing Lists

ALSA Announcements:

ALSA Developers:

ALSA Users:

Ardour Development:

Ardour Users:

Linux Audio Announcements:

Linux Audio Developers:

Linux Audio Users:

Planet CCRMA:


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