Freeing Computers in Schools

Why free software makes sense in education.

For a listing of case studies focused on GNU/Linux use in education, visit

Schoolforge works to promote free and open resources for education. Join Schoolforge-discuss for more information. One condition is members must participate in discussions. As the volunteers say, "We all are busy, but we all are doing our best to collaborate wherever possible." They also encourage setting up Schoolforge units and meeting places wherever possible.

Recently, a project has been started to produce a free school administration software package. It currently is in the planning stage and needs volunteers to help define requirements and assist with construction.

Some useful mailing lists include the demo-schools network in South India, the International Schoolforge and the Linux-Delhi schools network.

See Linux for Kids for more information on Linux in education.

Tools Available within Arms Reach

Below are some tools available with the gcompris, drgenius and other GNU/Linux packages.

junior-math: Basic arithmetic, Q&A.

junior-toys: Simple toys to adorn your desktop.

junior-typing: Typing tutor.

tuxtype: Educational typing tutor game starring Tux.

gperiodic: Periodic table.

ding: Language learning (default: German-English).

12e: English-to-Spanish translation dictionary.

Multiple versions of pool (billiards) games.

ksokoban: Excellent game to teach logic.

mathwar: A flash card game designed to teach math.

garlic: A free molecular visualization program for chemistry.

ghemical: GNOME molecular modeling environment.

Also available are Debian junior games for the network, simulation games, text-based games, junior Internet tools, junior programming games, junior puzzles, junior system tools and ucblogo, a dialect of LISP that uses turtle graphics and is famous for teaching kids.

Frederick Noronha is a Goa-based freelance journalist, who often writes on IT issues. He is actively involved with the GNU/Linux movement in India.



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Re: computer science

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how to pragram the push

Re: Freeing Computers in Schools

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Great that they're using gcompris. My kid made great progress in multiplication using it. Just a little linguistic remark: it's "J'ai compris" instead of "Je compris".
Seems that some of the linguistic files are uncomplete in the project, so if you're interested in translating in your native language, contact the maintainer of the project.

Source for Freeeduc in India?

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Great job Fredrick!!
you are leading the online Indian- FLOSS brigade !!

BTW, users in India can check out for free/ open source software. Its based in Bangalore and delivers opensource sofware exclusively at very economical prices.
I think they have the FREEDUC cds.