WorldWatch Week in Review

A look at worldwide OSS news for the week of August 9 - 15.

This week in WorldWatch, we had an important announcement from Peru about the deployment of Linux and other free software for a large government connectivity project. From Germany, a usability study is available in English and German that helps would-be users of Linux understand just how far Linux has come for general desktop use. It also lets them evaluate the feasibility of changing over at this time, especially if they are thinking of buying Windows XP.

We also had some news about political and judicial moves on Internet usage both from Spain and the US, while SCO's stock gave yet another demonstration of the Law of Gravity.

Although no comments posted on the site, our piece on Open Source Seeds generated some private feedback, so we will be posting a followup shortly. It seems there are, in fact, quite a few people interested in this topic.

Willy Smith is Editor in Chief of WorldWatch.



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IEEE and The Open Group to Extend POSIX