Using C for CGI Programming

You can speed up complex Web tasks while retaining the simplicity of CGI. With many useful libraries available, the jump from a scripting language to C isn't as big as you might think.

With the right tools and a little experience, developing CGI applications with C is no more difficult than it is when using Perl or PHP. Now that I have the experience and the tools, C is my preferred language for CGI applications.

C excels when the application requires more advanced processing and long-term stability. It is not especially susceptible to failure when server changes are beyond your control, unlike PHP. Short of removing a shared library, such as libc or libmysqlclient, the C version of our application is hard to break. The speed of execution for C programs makes it a clear choice when the application requires more complex data processing.

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source code url broken

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Thanks for you cool post. I'm trying to develop rest service by c/cgi, could you fix the broken url and make your source code and makefile available?