Product Review: Siemens' SIMpad SL4

If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, then the SIMpad is a tablet PC.

NRG Systems (Buy a SIMpad SL4)

Deutche Telekom (Buy a Sinuspad)

SIMpad Linux Screenshots

Sourceforge SIMpad Support

Tatonka Pouch for the SIMpad

iBiz Serial Keyboard


Guylhem Aznar is the coordinator of the The LDP ( In real life, he is a consultant, a 6th-year medical student and a PhD student in Computer Science. In his little free time, he enjoys playing with his Zaurus and SIMpad. He can be reached on



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problem to start working with SIMPAD SL4

mehrdad Khansary Atigh's picture

Dear Sirs,
I have purchased simpad sl4 recently and have problem to calibrate its display.I perform the instructions according to operation manual of simpad sl4 but after calibration the message of " please press Enter to save calibration" appears, but no keyboard menu or Enter can be found on the display.So kindly help me how I can calibrate it.

By the way , please inform me how I can connect a flash memory to the simpad sl4 .there is not installed any port on it.

I will be waiting for your prompt reply.

Best Regards
Mehrdad Khansari Atigh

Re: Product Review: Siemans' SIMpad SL4

Anonymous's picture

Nothing strange at all. OpenSIMpad [] brings new life to the device!

Michael Lauer
OpenSIMpad core developer

Re: Product Review: Siemans' SIMpad SL4

Anonymous's picture

Fantastic! After reading this article I recalled that Swisscom, a major ISP & phone company here in Switzerland, had briefly carried the Simpad in their retail stores. Killing time I walked into one yesterday to enquire about it, expecting the answer to be, "what are you talking about?". To my surprise the store had two units in the back that were returned and apparently Siemens didn't want them back. They reluctantly sold it to me for 300 CHF (230.749 USD). Wow, if you guys do not own one you are missing out. Most of the problems the artice above highlighted have been addressed. I use it for on the road PHP Dev and surfing at home. Thing is surprisingly fast for 206 mhz and the screen is bright and perky. If anyone would like to have one drop me an email at and I'll see what I can do for you. Linux rules!

Re: Product Review: Siemans' SIMpad SL4

Anonymous's picture

You can buy this SIMpad SL4 at:
One of the Siemens Dealers in the Netherlands

Re: Product Review: Siemans' SIMpad SL4

Anonymous's picture

This product is End-Of-Life, so it's a bit strange that the review
is appearing on this site....

Siemens Dealership
The Netherlands