Bestiary of Special-purpose sshds

Need management software on your Linux boxes? It might already be in /usr/sbin.


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Re: Bestiary of Special-purpose sshds

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Using /bin/false as shell doesn't permit to create tunnels with ssh.


Re: Bestiary of Special-purpose sshds

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Here's an example of when you might need 2 sshds on the same box.

I want to be able to ssh from any of the machines on my test network to the box that does masquerading for the test network, with only a password (it's a test network and I don't have my ssh keys on the machines under test). But I don't want people to be able to get into the masquerading box from the rest of the company, or from outside, without a key. So I should run one sshd on the internal interface ( in my case) and another on the other interfaces of the box -- and only allow password authentication on the first one.

Since they're on different interfaces they can both use the standard ssh port.