Chatting Up the Chef

Introducing two chat servers, geektalkd and Shadowlands Forum, and a fine Jabber instant-messaging client.


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What are your duties in a typical day?

What percentage of time do you work with others, and what percentage alone?

How much independence do you have to make you own decisions or work in your own way?

In what ways does your job offer variety?

What kind of continuing training do you need?

What were the most helpful courses that you took in high school?

What opportunities do you have to move to other positions?

What kinds of assignments could give you increased visibility?

What are the worst things about this occupation? The best things?

What do you wish you had known about this occupation before you entered it?

What advice would you give me as I consider this occupation for myself?

Can you tell me some other sources of information about this job?

How long have you worked in this occupation?
What changes have you witnessed in regards to your occupation?

Do you work primarily with data, people or things?

How did you get started in this line of work?

What personal qualities do you feel are
needed to succeed in this line of work?

What are the most frequently recurring problems on your job?

What type of technology do you use in your job?