Linux: It's Not Just for Intel Anymore

A Linux port tour.
Wrapping Up The Virtual Brewery Tour

Jim Paradis sums it up well:

Implementing ANY operating system on a new platform, is a major undertaking. It has taken dozens, if not hundreds, of programmer-years to bring the Intel version of Linux to the point where it is today. Too, while a kernel port is a significant piece of engineering, it is only a small part of porting an operating system. It is not surprising that the non-Intel versions of Linux are taking some time to appear.

You can all help yourselves to the samples we have provided. What? The glasses are empty? Of course they are, that's one of the risks in breweries like these. Good brews take time. We do hope you've enjoyed your tour of the new virtual breweries, though. And remember, when sampling RISC ports, don't hold your breath!

Joseph L. Brothers, CCP, CDP, is a Senior Software Engineer in Motorola's Wireless Data Group where he writes distributed engineering productivity software using the noweb literate programming tool. On his own time, he volunteers as the Linux/PowerPC Project's PowerStack task coordinator.