Penguin Breeding at Gnomedex

Linux put in a strong showing at Gnomedex, where the good times rocked and rolled.

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Doc Searls is the Editor in Chief of Linux Journal


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Re: Older than Doc? Older than dirt!

fpaynter's picture

Doc said: "At 55, I'm sure I was the oldest person there, and since I've been going to conferences since the 70s, I probably held that record as well."

And I just have to reply, "Wrong on both counts Doc!" In fact, I was surprised how many of the geriatric set seemed to be there.

Anyway, it was a great presentation Doc... shows what damage a person can do with a box of penquins and a digital camera!

Re: Penguin Breeding at Gnomedex

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Hey Doc, great article about a great show, and you gave a kick ass speech. The penguin pile up part was the best, even though I saw it when you first debuted it on your blog so long ago. I want to thank you again for being one of the key factors for starting blogging, which directly ties into me being at Gnomedex. You, Winer, and 09.11, like I said. I am not sure you read these personally, but I look forward to talking to you more in depth at next year's Gnomedex!

Re: Penguin Breeding at Gnomedex

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Great article! How ironic that you and Beth were on the same flight! :)

Thank you so much for speaking and for adding even MORE fun to my day by including my special moment signing Lili. :) By the way, is that photo available? I would love to have it for my personal collection!

My only regret of Gnomedex is that there wasn't enough time to spend with each person. I'm sorry that we didn't get a chance to talk very much. :( Maybe next year! ;)

One of the two women behind the Gnome,


Lost and Unfound

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Doc, you have a positive valence for ALL objects, not just business cards. I think you've lost your glasses, cell phone, Apple AirPort Base Station, and smashed two PowerBooks in the space of a year, and those are just what I know about.

It's part of why we all love you!

Re: Penguin Breeding at Gnomedex

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You lost me at 8^)