Programming PHP with Security in Mind

Writing code that prevents some common types of attacks is rather easy—here are some guidelines.

I hope these guidelines help you have more secure web applications. The big lessons here are never trust user input, never trust variables that are passed between scripts (as through GET), never trust variables that came from a web form and never trust a variable if is not initialized in your script. If you cannot initialize a variable in your script, be sure to validate it.

Nuno Loureiro is a cofounder of Ethernet, lda ( He has been programming PHP for over three years and has coordinated several big web applications. He likes climbing and trekking and can be reached at



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Is there any way

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Is there any way that a user can not get a page by typing url in address bar.
User only redirected to the target pages by submit a form or else....

i wanted to ask about the leftframe.php

gloadz's picture

look at this for e.g. has a left frame and then look at this

how is this formed. Please contact me.


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the URL of the actual article is:


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I think that there are too many coincidences (same sub-topics and code snippets) with an article(, published a year prior to this one. It is just not honest not to give credit!

Most articles about security

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Most articles about security and PHP cover the same topics.
Just because they both gave the "sendmail" example it doesn't really mean anything. But everyone can read both articles and judge for themselves. :-)


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Since when is CSS not cascading style sheets? You can't just invent acronyms for something that overlap other well known ones.

Re: CSS?

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It's also very common for people to introduce some short name for a long name so they don't have to write down the endless name all the time. So even if it's not officially used for Cross-Side-Scripting, doesn't mean he's inventing. He's just applying some writing style that is rather common. Yeah, I read books :P

Nice article, enjoyed reading it.

Re: CSS?

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XSS for cross-site scripting.

Re: CSS?

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Actually CSS stands for both Cascading Style Sheets and (for a while) Cross Site Scripting. usually now though Cross Site Scripting is refered to XSS

Re: CSS?

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IANAL (I Am Not A Linguist)

Re: Programming PHP with Security in Mind

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alert ('');

Wouldn't it be great if this article would run on a secure cms?

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