Icarus Verilog: Open-Source Verilog More Than a Year Later

Stephen and Michael provide more technical details on design with Verilog.


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Test module didn't work correctly

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I'm currently using;
- Debian 4.0r0 GNU/Linux
- Icarus Verilog version 0.8

The test module didn't work correctly. After I changed following line;
reg clk;
reg clk = 0;
it's finally work.

Re: Icarus Verilog: Open-Source Verilog More Than a Year Later

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Icarus is a fantastic tool. It substitutes
for a $100,000 per seat tool from others.
It does not have limits like other demos,
its a full simulator. Supports $dumpfile
so you can generate waveforms. Runs on
Win95 even. Highly reliable.

-Chip Head

Web links

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Just in case you are tempted. Do NOT try www.icarus.org in your browser. It is some nasty- non-work-safe low rate porn. Arghhhh.
Make sure you use the link:

Once I have this installed on my machine, I will run an artical following up on my site.
Orion Robots - Robots from Sol to Sirius.

Re: Web links

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Its been some time, and I found this old posting of my mine through a google links search.

Icarus verilog is now probably included with your linux dist somewhere- most definately with gentoo. It is pretty useful - and I have been learning a great deal about using verilog and VHDL languages to program robots - or more specifically create purpose built logic platforms as opposed to using microcontrollers.

Now what is needed for linux is a good integrated EDA suite - so I would advise Electronic Engineers to watch gEDA and contribute if possible(k-logic I think is dead).