KDE 3.0beta2 Ready for Testing

The new beta release is available for download, and the KDE Project is looking for community input.

The KDE Project announced that the beta2 version of KDE 3.0 is available, and they are looking for testers. Core KDE libraries, the desktop and more than 100 applications and packages are included in the beta2 release.

The project is especially interested in testers' queries and input on this beta, as a group of KDE developers will be meeting in Germany at the end of February to prepare the final release of KDE 3.0, which is currently scheduled for Spring 2002. Dirk Mueller, the KDE 3 release coordinator, said that the group is interested particularly in feedback concerning support for right-to-left languages, the functionality of features new to KDE 3.0 and compatibility with application being ported to KDE 3.0.

Improvements from KDE version 2.2 to version 3.0 include better Javascript/DHTML support in Konqueror. Regarding this, David Faure, a developer for Konqueror and KOffice, said, "The DOM 2 model, used to render an HTML page, is now mostly implemented and changes to the DOM tree are handled much better. The Javascript bindings and support are almost complete, faster and more stable than [they were] in KDE 2. These changes result in a much-improved rendering of dynamic web sites."

In addition to previously announced improvements to the underlying Qt library, new features of KDE 3.0 include:

  • support for multi-key shortcuts (Emacs style)

  • improved service activation

  • improved CUPS printing support

  • added WebDAV support

  • KHTML (HTML rendering engine)

  • major improvements to the JavaScript implementation

  • a smarter "window open" JavaScript policy

  • improved dynamic HTML / increased compatibility with other browsers

  • a GUI for configuring animated images

  • a new directory feature in the sidebar's directory tree and

  • added the kuick plug-in (for fast copying/moving)

  • Noatun (multimedia player)

  • export to plain text files

along with many other Ktools, bug fixes and upgraded applications.

Precompiled KDE 3.0beta2 packages are available for the most recent versions of SuSE, Mandrake, Slackware and a few other distributions. Go to the official KDE 3.0beta2 release announcement to view the complete list of precompiled packages, as well as to download these packages or the source code tarballs. The packages can also be obtained from the /pub/kde/unstable/kde-3.0-beta2/ directory at one of the many KDE FTP server mirrors. The KDE Project recommends checking the servers periodically over the coming days and weeks, as more binary packages will likely become available over the coming days and weeks.

Heather Mead is Associate Editor of Linux Journal.



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Re: KDE 3.0beta2 Ready for Testing

Anonymous's picture

My GOD! I hope they built in a bit of performance this time!

KDE 1.1.2 kicked KDE 2.2.2 all over the desktop when it came to execution speed. That's the reason I still use 1.2.2.

Re: KDE 3.0beta2 Ready for Testing

Anonymous's picture


I just don't get it, why someone shall go on adding more and more bells and whistles while everybody else is complaining that even already existing system is performing below any acceptable productivity level.

KDE is very nice sistem (at least it should be), but it is so !@#!!! SLOW!!!!!!!!! that it is unusable!!!

Re: KDE 3.0beta2 Ready for Testing

pingvin's picture

So, will the new KDE be as slow and painful as earlier? I'm using KDE on a 533Mhz and it is so painfully slow! It's like I own a 50 Mhz once again.

Re: KDE 3.0beta2 Ready for Testing

Anonymous's picture

Stop using Celeron processors! I run KDE Mandrake Linux 8.1 (KDE 2.2.2 I think) on a P3 450 with 320Megs of RAM and a 25.5GB hard drive (66 not 33) and it is sweet. Did you know that a P3 has a 48% performance increase over a celeron. Linux uses more resources than Windows. Take that into consideration.

Re: KDE 3.0beta2 Ready for Testing

Anonymous's picture

My machine is a 550MHz Athlon with 192 MiBytes of RAM and installed Beta2 yesterday. While it does have its weaknesses/bugs, it's a very noticable improvement in speed and JavaScript, so I don't think I'll select kde2 again in kdm. I prefer the new bugs over the old ones :-)

Re: KDE 3.0beta2 Ready for Testing

FreeThinkerAtLarge's picture

I love KDE. I really do! My only whine is that during the beta release cycle, there never seem to be RPMS for RedHat systems. We see SuSE and Mandrake out there, but alas, no RedHat (which is strange because I think there are a lot of installed RedHat systems out there).

Oh, I'll still find ways to take it out for a test drive . . . it would just be nice if I didn't have to go through those additional steps.

Re: KDE 3.0beta2 Ready for Testing

Mayuresh's picture

i agree. I, too love KDE and even i think that 2.2.x was a substantial improvement over the previous versions.

However a Redhat Linux RPM set would really be cool !