Hacking Penguin Pile-Up: World Domination in Miniature

Interactive gaming takes on a whole new context when a kid and his old man blow off the rules.

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Re: Hacking Penguin Pile-Up: World Domination in Miniature

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Having just spent the last (in addition to many other) rainly weekends playing this game I have got to let you know that should you purchase this game you <i><b>will</b></i> become addicted to it. My son, brother and I have even once managed to get all 24 tuxes balanced. I'd post the victory picture if I had a scanner. I was glad to see it's still for sale- just bought two copies for the cousin's this coming Christmas.


Re: Hacking Penguin Pile-Up: World Domination in Miniature

Anonymous's picture

1) The Subversion of Microsoft Youth

2) A moment before the mission.

3) The Innocence Campaign

4) "You can see by this example, the potential growth Linux could have if each of us made it a point to teach two people how to use it..."

5) "We shall be victorious."

6) "Okay guys, we're going to pretend I'm an NT administrator and I want you all to attack me..."

7) "It is not that you are weak and I am strong, it is that I use Linux and you people are relying on something else entirely!"

8) "You all have done very well at using Linux, now it is time to get to know your enemy..."

9) "Everyone, pretend you're a windows XP box!"

10) "While you're down there, I want you to realize that this is no place for a penguin to be. Broken windows fall to the floor, but penguins can not be broken."

11) "When you look into the eyes of your fellow penguins, you see no PDC's or BDC's, but all may serve and be served."

12) "I thought I smelled an NTFS volume."

13) "Bring your windows into this community will you?"

14) "And this is why we practice redundancy."

Re: Hacking Penguin Pile-Up: World Domination in Miniature

Anonymous's picture

1. Once upon a time there was a game involving penguins.

2. For a while the penguins were happy on their iceberg.

3. But after falling over once too often

4. They ganged up together

5. And got a bit mean.

6. One penguin, however didn't agree with this new policy

7. and all his friends

8. dragged him to the Penguin Council

9. But he had really bad breath

10. after all, he had been eating fish :p

11. Once the council revived, though

12. They dragged him off to his doom,

13. but he was too heavy, and they dropped him,

14. and so he breathed his last (halitosis) breath

Re: Hacking Penguin Pile-Up: World Domination in Miniature

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2) "Ok... this is getting old fast guys."

3) "No, really, I'm tellin ya, they wore sparkling bathing suits & got paid for swimming like this!"

4) "Hey... you guys hear something rollng this way?"

6) "Um.. Windows, why? What do you guys use?"

7) "What? Like you guys never clicked on an attachment before."

8) "Ok... new rule, the the names of fish are not allowed passwords."

9/10) "D**m... It's good to be sysadmin."

11) "Suse!" "Debian!" "Suse!" "Debian!" "Suse!" "Debian!" "Suse!" "Debian!" ....

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