Build a Virtual CD-ROM Jukebox

Use a low-cost, scalable Linux server to share CD-ROM image files to Windows clients.


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I >love< resurrecting old

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I >love< resurrecting old threads....

Beware of possible corruptions.

Long directory chains and long file names work ok with various commercial cds because the operating systems support those formats; when creating a server using ISO9660 formatted images, the ISO9660 format may want you to rename directories and/or files. When you rename a file from a Windows compatible CD, you did so for ISO9660 compatibility. Now the problem arises where program installers will fail to find files because their inf files state /some/specific/location/and/specific.fil, but for ISO9660 had you rename the structure, so the path and file are not exactly where the inf file goes to get it, and your installation will crash. Older installers might not allow user debugging, so beware how you rename structures when ISO9660 creation demands you to rename things.

Been there. Suffered that.

Re: Build a Virtual CD-ROM Jukebox

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Is that passible as a booting device under vmware?

Re: Build a Virtual CD-ROM Jukebox

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I followed the outlines of the article and now have an automounting CD-ROM server for our church sunday school department. It works well. Now we can avoid kids destroying cdroms. A couple of things not mentioned:

1. Using the "unhide" option in the mount command caused problems with some CD titles. Removing it elminated the problem.

2. Apparently there is an 8-mount limit with RedHat 9. Any attempt to mount an additional volume causes one of the others to umount. I could not find where to change the automount quota under RH 9. I have already increased the number of loop devices from 15 to 21.

Re: Build a Virtual CD-ROM Jukebox

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Follow up:

I found the problem. After adding the following to /etc/modules.conf:

options loop max_loop=64

Everything is automounting just fine.


Re: Build a Virtual CD-ROM Jukebox

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This process is remarkably similar to the CD Server HOWTO at the LDP ( which has existed for years..

Re: Build a Virtual CD-ROM Jukebox

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Yeah but I *found* this one.

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