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They Said It

No matter what they do, companies are sure to annoy someone.

—Deborah Branscum

Microsoft is after all of our entertainment technologies. It is an assault on so many fronts that it is easy to lose track.

—David Strom

There is no law that a company has to stay in business. On the contrary, there is a law that everything man creates is mortal. It is rare for a company to be successful for more than 25 years. The idea that companies are immortal is a Wall Street misunderstanding. The main impact of the Internet is not economic; it is psychological. There is no new economy. The Internet greatly extends the old economy, okay?

—Peter Drucker

No financial man will ever understand business because financial people think a company makes money. A company makes shoes, and no financial man understands that. They think money is real. Shoes are real. Money is an end result.

—Peter Drucker

Advertising is the last resort of the incompetent.


Although it is true that writing open-source software is not on the same level as running into a collapsing building to save lives, it is true that electing to write open-source code is by no means a subversive activity. It is, in fact, a little slice of selflessness—something that America applauds.

—Russell Pavlicek

Three pearls of wisdom from e-failures: 1) Free does not equal profit. 2) Start small and then get big. 3) Geeks don't know crap about business.

—Michael Jardeen

Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them.

—Dr. Robert Jarvik

If there are 1,000 people who hear you, only 500 will take the time to listen, 300 will understand what you said, 100 will do something about it and 50 of those will be negative. We can hope that the other 50 will do something positive.

—John “maddog” Hall

Today, ROI calculations are all important, and open-source is the savior for enabling sophisticated applications to be built at a price point that allows a reasonable return on investment.

—David A. E. Wall from Yozuns white paper