You Can Get There from Here, Part 1

Exceeding limits and having fun are the objectives in this new series focusing on accessing information about your system.

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Re: You Can Get There from Here, Part 1

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I need help with Squirrelmail. Basically, I am trying to add my own logo to the top-left bar. I don't know much about programming, but I installed the setup.php file for the plugin under:


I made sure to direct the links within the setup.php to my new graphic under:


Finally, I tried adding

$plugins[0] = 'addgraphic';

to the config.php file. But where do I add it? Anywhere? I just put it at the end. The other option is to simply "execute" the configure script. But how the heck do I "execute" a script? Do i need some sort of special software for that? All I am using is the domain manager screens. And I have no "execute" option, only edit or delete options.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jeremy P.