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SysOrb 2.0, Quick Restore Data Protection, iXsystems 1U Server and more.
SysOrb 2.0

Solit Solutions ApS has released SysOrb 2.0, a cross-platform network and systems monitoring system that supports Red Hat, Debian, FreeBSD, Windows NT/2000 and Solaris. A web interface provides access to monitoring configuration, real-time and historical data from the database backend. Alerts can be sent via SMS, e-mail and pager when problems are discovered. A free download and license are available at

Contact: Solit Solutions ApS, Maglebjergvej 5D, DK - 2800 Lyngby, +45-45-880-888,,,

Quick Restore Data Protection

Quick Restore version 2.7.4 is data protection software that provides data backup and recovery for heterogeneous networks. Based on the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP), Quick Restore allows local or remote backup of NAS systems to tape drives and libraries. New features include broadened platform support for easier operation, extended firewall support, improved DLT tape format control and support for newly available tape libraries.

Contact: Workstation Solutions, Five Overlook Drive, Amherst, New Hampshire 03031, 800-487-0080 (toll-free),,

iXsystems 1U Server

The iXtreme 1400 1U rack-optimized internet server is now available from iXsystems (formerly BSDi). The iXtreme 1400 is 15 inches deep and has a footprint less than two-thirds that of the typical 1U server. Eight fans are used to cool the CPUs, disk drives and power supplies, allowing the server to operate in high-temperature areas. The 1400 can be configured with a maximum memory of 4GB, dual Ethernet ports, two EIDE or two SCSI high-speed disks and dual-processor speeds up to 933MHz.

Contact: iXsystems, Inc., 1550 The Alameda, Suite 100, San Jose, California 95126, 866-449-7978 (toll-free),,

Xmcd 3.0

Xmcd, a CD player application for the X Window System that runs on most UNIX variants, can now be obtained in version 3.0. The 3.0 package includes xmcd, an X11/Motif-based CD audio player utility, and cda, a command-line, nongraphical CD audio player. Xmcd supports a wide array of CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW and DVD devices, including multidisc changers and some older SCSI-1 drives. It supports CD recognition via Gracenote CDDB and can connect to the CDDB servers on the Internet to get the artist, disc title, song titles and other information about the CD being played. xmcd is released under the GPL and can be downloaded from the web site.

Contact: Xmcd,

INTERNETpro Enterprise Stack

The INTERNETpro Enterprise Stack, available from Internet Appliance, Inc., is a managed hosting and security solution that integrates optimized web services software and hardware components into an appliance-linked infrastructure. The entire stack can be centrally managed, administered and provisioned, while delivering availability, scalability and security for service providers and enterprise environments. Solutions include a data center, a site-to-site VPN and a remote access VPN.

Contact: Internet Appliance, Inc., 40515 Encyclopedia Circle, Fremont, California 94538, 877-986-6366 (toll-free),,

MindRover: The Europa Project

Loki Software, Inc. released its Linux port of CogniToy's popular MindRover: The Europa Project game, a 3-D strategy/programming game that allows players to create autonomous robotic vehicles and compete with them in races, battles and sports. Starting with an empty vehicle, gamers add components such as sensors, weapons and engines. Components are wired together and properties set using a visual programming system. Gamers can share their custom robots over e-mail or through web site competitions.

Contact: Loki Software, Inc., 250 El Camino Real, Suite #100, Tustin, California 92780,,


One Click, Universal Protection: Implementing Centralized Security Policies on Linux Systems

As Linux continues to play an ever increasing role in corporate data centers and institutions, ensuring the integrity and protection of these systems must be a priority. With 60% of the world's websites and an increasing share of organization's mission-critical workloads running on Linux, failing to stop malware and other advanced threats on Linux can increasingly impact an organization's reputation and bottom line.

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Linux Backup and Recovery Webinar

Most companies incorporate backup procedures for critical data, which can be restored quickly if a loss occurs. However, fewer companies are prepared for catastrophic system failures, in which they lose all data, the entire operating system, applications, settings, patches and more, reducing their system(s) to “bare metal.” After all, before data can be restored to a system, there must be a system to restore it to.

In this one hour webinar, learn how to enhance your existing backup strategies for better disaster recovery preparedness using Storix System Backup Administrator (SBAdmin), a highly flexible bare-metal recovery solution for UNIX and Linux systems.

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