The Trials and Tribulations of Installing LinuxPPC 2000 Q4

Read the manual before turning your Mac over to Linux.
Concluding Remarks

This release of LinuxPPC is a huge improvement over previous releases. However, I am disappointed by the amount of effort I had to expend in order to get the software installed. Most of what I went through will be so alien to the vast majority of Mac folk that they may not bother with LinuxPPC at all, which would be a shame. Apple definitely has the upper hand here, as all it takes to install Mac OS X is a CD insertion and a reboot. Of course, the provided functionality leaves a little bit to be desired.

In defense of LinuxPPC, they do state that this release of their distribution is the last before a “major reorganization”. As a company, LinuxPPC is transitioning from a for-profit business to a nonprofit organization, and this is to be applauded and supported. Despite my initial disappointments and configuration problems, I now have LPPC2000 running smoothly on my G3. The gain was well worth the pain. I see no reason to change to another OS, and I keep a regular eye on the Updates page on the LinuxPPC web site. I also look forward to the next release of LinuxPPC. But be warned: read the manual before attempting your install and check the LinuxPPC web site for hints, tips, fixes and updates.

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