New Products

Version 1.1 Operating Environment and Development Toolkit, SBC-MediaGX Development Kit, Graphics Master.
SBC-MediaGX Development Kit

New embedded software development kit includes drivers.

Arcom's SDKfor embedded Linux product development comes with software drivers, cables and documentation to support all on-board features and is ready to run out of the box.

Arcom Control Systems has released an embedded Linux development kit that includes a working configuration of the operating system and all necessary drivers. The SBC-MediaGX development kit offers developers a predefined, pared down version of the OS (based on Red Hat 6.2) that comes loaded and configured into the embedded Flash. A SBC-MediaGX processor board with 64MB DRAM (expandable up to 128MB DRAM) and 16MB Flash EPROM also comes with the kit.

Software drivers are included for the graphics controller, serial ports, parallel port, PS/2 keyboard adaptor, PS/2 mouse, watchdog timer, audio, 10/100 BaseTx Ethernet controller and IDE drive. An embedded web server supports static and dynamic HTML pages, and a minimal version of X is included. The installation CD-ROM offers preconfigured builds, sample code, a technical manual and a tutorial guide. An optional 6.5" color LCD is available.

Manufacturer: Arcom Control Systems

Model: SBC-MediaGX Development Kit

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Version 1.1 Operating Environment and Development Toolkit

Design and deploy internet appliances and handheld devices.

Using Century Embedded Technologies Operating Environment v1.10, I can create notes and save them on my PDA.

Century Software Embedded Technologies announced a new operating environment and development toolkit, version 1.1, for embedded Linux product design. New wireless applications, multimedia, enhanced toolkit, along with Century's commercial support and engineering services, provide tools for developing and deploying PDAs, webpads and internet appliances. Version 1.1 supports wireless connectivity on various platforms, including the StrongARM-based Compaq iPAQ, ADS graphics client, x86 Geode and MIPS Harrier.

A graphical network configuration utility allows for the configuration of serial PPP, modem, Ethernet or wireless TCP/IP connections. The Linux runtime environment features a new PIM suite, MP3 and MPEG-1 video players, an e-mail client for sending and receiving POP3 mail, ViewML browser and customizable multimedia applications. Existing features include terminal emulations, popup screen keyboard input and handwriting recognition.

A binary download of the entire operating environment is available for selected hardware platforms, as well as for target platform graphical application emulation on Red Hat desktops. A complete SDK, with cross-development libraries, automated build platform, source code and documentation, is available, as is commercial support and engineering services for embedded product and internet appliance design.

Manufacturer: Century Software Embedded Technologies

Model: Operating Environment and Development Toolkit for Linux, v1.10

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Graphics Master

Single-board computer system offers high-end graphics on low-power platform.

Compatible with embedded Linux, WindowsCE, OS-9, VxWorks and other embedded OSes, the Graphics Master is geared toward manufacturing and industrial applications.

During the National Manufacturing Week tradeshow in Chicago in March 2001, Applied Data Systems (ADS) introduced the Graphics Master, a new RISC-based single-board computer system with a USB master, Ethernet and compact Flash memory. Utilizing a new USB host capability, the Graphics Master allows high-level communications on a low power management platform. The system includes an on-board four-port USB hub, a USB downstream power switch and a USB slave/USB bus master.

Key to the Graphics Master is its compact Flash interface connector, which extends the existing Flash memory options of 8, 16 or 32MB in addition to complementing the 16 and 32MB SDRAM options running at 103MHz. The PCMCIA slot is available for device cards with modems, 802.11 or IDE. In addition, the Graphics Master extends the serial ports from three to seven.

The Graphics Master has an array of feature options built on a 32-bit Intel StrongARM SA-1110 and SA-1111 companion chip RISC processor, with clock rates up to 206MHz and a low power management platform. As the name suggests, the Graphics Master has high-end graphics with multiple high speed analog, digital and PWM inputs and outputs, and a video interface with resolution up to 1024 x 768.

Manufacturer: Applied Data Systems

Model: Graphics Master

Suggested retail price: $400 US per unit in OEM quantities