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Wing IDE for Python, NetMAX VPN Server Suite, iConnect Suite and more.
Wing IDE for Python

Wing IDE is an integrated development environment for the Python programming language. Software developers are provided with an integrated product manager, graphical debugger, source-code browser and a source-code editor. The IDE works with Makefiles and other external build configuration tools. It also provides support for debugging programs written using the Tkinter, PyGtk and PyQt toolkits.

Contact: Archaeopteryx Software, Inc., PO Box 1937, Brookline, Massachusetts 02446-0016, 617-232-0059,,

NetMAX VPN Server Suite

Netmax VPN Server Suite

Geared toward small-and medium-sized businesses, the server suite allows users to connect their networks securely to remote sites, business partners and telecommuters using the Internet. The suite includes IPSec protocol for encryption and traffic routing between networks, the triple data encryption standard, automatic key management, 128-bit SSL, prepacket authentication using SHA-1 or MD5 and a full version of the MetMAX Firewall ProSuite.

Contact: NetMAX, Cybernet Systems Corporation, 726 Airport Boulevard, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108, 800-292-3763 (toll-free),,

iConnect Suite

iConnect is a web-based suite of tools that offers solutions for businesses of any size to web-enable applications. Applications installed on a remote server can be accessed over the Internet using a standard Java-enabled web browser. Services in the suite include HTTP-based applications and data management services, file transfer, distribution and synchronization; client application and management; and Web-based shell environments, job management and control. Evaluation copies are available for download.

Contact: SoftKnot Corporation, 46500 Fremont Boulevard, Suite #716, Fremont, California 94538, 510-226-2768,,

Linux2order Web Site

Linux2order Web Site

The Linux2order database contains over 9,000 open-source applications and utilities on the web site for download or compilation. Titles are updated daily to incorporate the most recent builds and releases. Descriptions and reviews of programs are also available. Users can either download selected files directly or request the creation of a custom CD-ROM containing their chosen files.

Contact: Linux2order, 5252 North Edgewood Drive, Provo, Utah 84604, 801-222-9414,



NetBSD 1.5 on CD-ROM is a fully functional UNIX-like OS. Features include a complete set of user utilities, compilers for several languages, the X Window System, firewall software, support for wireless and plug-and-play peripherals and full source code. Benefits of NetBSD include software portability, coherency between platforms, highly developed networking and high-level emulation. Wasabi's distribution comes with on-disk documentation and an installation and support guide.

Contact: Wasabi Systems, Inc., 104 West 14th Street, 4th Floor, New York, New York 10011, 757-248-9601,,

WARP Performance Suite

The WARP Performance Suite of Web infrastructure software was developed for optimum performance of Internet applications. Improving performance at the origin of web content is the goal. The initial components of the suite are the Intelligent Content Distributor, Load Balancer and Global Load Balancer; the Dynamic Content Director, Cache Master and Secure will be added in the first quarter of 2001. Availability is on a monthly subscription basis.

Contact: WARP Solutions, Inc., 627 Greenwich Street, New York, New York 10014, 877-688-WARP (toll-free),, http:/


White Paper
Linux Management with Red Hat Satellite: Measuring Business Impact and ROI

Linux has become a key foundation for supporting today's rapidly growing IT environments. Linux is being used to deploy business applications and databases, trading on its reputation as a low-cost operating environment. For many IT organizations, Linux is a mainstay for deploying Web servers and has evolved from handling basic file, print, and utility workloads to running mission-critical applications and databases, physically, virtually, and in the cloud. As Linux grows in importance in terms of value to the business, managing Linux environments to high standards of service quality — availability, security, and performance — becomes an essential requirement for business success.

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White Paper
Private PaaS for the Agile Enterprise

If you already use virtualized infrastructure, you are well on your way to leveraging the power of the cloud. Virtualization offers the promise of limitless resources, but how do you manage that scalability when your DevOps team doesn’t scale? In today’s hypercompetitive markets, fast results can make a difference between leading the pack vs. obsolescence. Organizations need more benefits from cloud computing than just raw resources. They need agility, flexibility, convenience, ROI, and control.

Stackato private Platform-as-a-Service technology from ActiveState extends your private cloud infrastructure by creating a private PaaS to provide on-demand availability, flexibility, control, and ultimately, faster time-to-market for your enterprise.

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