Tracing Real-Time Application Interface Using the Linux Trace Toolkit

As embedded and real-time Linux explode, development tools are necessary to track behavior--here's one.
Future Developments

LTT has been successfully used by many to understand the behavior of Linux and its real-time derivatives. At the time of this writing, LTT runs on both the i386 and the PowerPC platforms. In the future, other platforms will be supported and remote-tracing will be implemented. Also of interest to some would be the addition of support for operating systems such as Hurd and BSD. The ultimate purpose is to make LTT as pervasive as gdb, gprof and other such development tools.

Karim Yaghmour ( is an operating-system freak. He's been playing around with OS internals for quite a while and has even written his own OS. He is the founder of Opersys, Inc. (, which specializes in providing expertise and courses about the Linux kernel and its real-time derivatives.