Alternatives for Dynamic Web Development Projects

Dennis provides a starting point for developers seeking solutions for their web application development requirements.

There are a myriad of software options available for the Linux operating system. The alternatives all have strengths and weakness that arise from the software's efforts to serve a particular primary need. I would recommend that those interested in deploying one of these software packages use a reasoned approach in determining which package best suits their needs. The value of developers and consultants is only partially derived from their mastery of a particular technology. The understanding of the particular processes by which they hope to influence their deployment of an information-technology solution should be of primary concern. Because there are many high-quality alternatives available to address a given information-technology challenge, it is the technologist's ability to grasp and deal with the key issues of the project in question that will ultimately determine of its success or failure.

For my project, the combination of Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL and PHP was appropriate. This combination will likely not be appropriate for all projects. However, I hope that you find this article an informative first step in your investigation of alternatives for your next project.


Dennis Roman Gesker ( is currently a candidate for the degrees of MBA and MS-MIS in the dual-degree program at the Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh. Upon graduation he will be joining the management team of Alamon Telco, Inc. in Kalispell, Montana.