Editors' Choice Awards

And the winners are....
+Web Site: Advogato

Once there was Usenet News and Linus Torvalds announced Linux there. Then many threads of discussion moved to lists, and web discussion boards, but forum after forum of intelligent conversation was stormed and destroyed by flamers and idiots. This year's chosen web site, Advogato, has been surprisingly jackass-free and has given us thoughtful discussions on password-protected textbooks, GNU autoconf, Bill Joy and choosing the right C data types to make your code 64-bit clean. Advogato is ruled by the cold equations of a reputation-ranking system, which has, so far, worked to protect it from the tide of drivel that washes over the rest of the “community” sites.

As a bonus, the Apache module that powers Advogato is fast, free and in our humble opinion, elegant.

+Product of the Year: TiVo

If you think Linux isn't ready for end users, well, put the TiVo in your pipe and smoke it. It's this year's hottest home theater component—a Linux-powered box that actually lets you “pause” and “fast-forward” live TV. No more waiting for a commercial to get another beer.