The Axis 2100 Network Camera

Jason reviews the Axis camera. It has a built in web server and runs Linux.


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Nice review. I ordered an

Axis Network Camera's picture

Nice review. I ordered an Axis 221 Network Camera. looks good till now. But would still like to read a review. Can you please review it? I wanna be sure I bought the right camera. I ordered it online from here: Axis Network Camera

page formatting - low-contrast gray text

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Hey, who decided to make the text gray instead of simply black? Why reduce the contrast and make things harded to read?

The AXIS 2100 was a great

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The AXIS 2100 was a great camera and is now replaced by the 210. The 210 also comes in many variations including POE, Audio and Wireless.

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Great Review!

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Hi Jason,

That was a great review for the Axis 2100 Camera. I wanted to let everyone know that I have created a website specifically for network camera reviews. It is located at It offers reviews, ratings, articles and forums to help users learn and troubleshoot their network camera.

Once again this was a great review. :)



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what do you people think this is, technical support? this is an informative review written to provide, from one person's perspective, an un-biased report on a product. this isn't a support page.....

anyways, enough of that......a well written article Jason, thanks for the straight forward info. your information provided has helped me make a final decision on a camera to purchase. i thank you for your effort and time in writing this article/playing with a cool device. }:)

Re: wtf?

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very nice outdoor cam

Nice but...

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They're VERY expensive, the cheapest model is about $1K US compared to about $300 for the Axis 2100.

4XEM 2100 comparable to Axis 2100

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I wanted to buy an Axis Communications 2100 Network Camera but found out they are disco'd. After searching PC Connection I found the 4XEM W-2100 and lower than $300. I guess this is a new camera they just released but it is comparable to the 2100 by Axis with a few added features.

So far it is working great. I got it up and running fairly easy and got it working online so I can view it from wherever I am. I even figured out how to view snapshots on my cell phone, which I thought that was cool.

Compared to the Axis 2100, I think this camera beats the Axis version because of all the additional features and better quality image. Some of these features included a max resolution of 704 x 480 pixels where the Axis 2100 has 640 x 480, a higher frames per second of 30fps where the Axis camera had 10fps, better light sensitivity, motion detection (which I got working to ftp so I can view on my cell phone), free software that you can run up to 4 cameras (which is great if I ever want to get more, we will see ;)) and its a heck of a lot cheaper than the Axis 2100 - especially with the free software included which Axis doesn't include.

As for the camera itself, it has a great image quality and an easy to use interface. Getting it working online with FTP was even a breeze. Also another good selling point for me was the free software included. It allowed you to use up to 4 cameras.

The only downside of this camera I found is that it has no audio. I guess the Axis 2100 had an add-on you can get but it looked to be a bit expensive.

All-in-all, network cameras are really cool and I would highly suggest the W-2100 by 4XEM. About a week ago I know anything about them and thought they would be really confusing to get running. But after talking to the 4XEM support staff they helped me understand how network cameras work and what features to look for when purchasing them.

IP Camera Purchase

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I ended up buying one of these cameras as well. It works great for users viewing the camera in Internet Explorer and FireFox. I found a great resource for information about these cameras. The website was They have a forums that helped me connect the camera to my network.

Where to Buy

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That is a good site. Another good one is Network Camera Store. They list locations to purchase these cameras so you can find the best price.

Another Good Online Store

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We have purchased multiple IP cameras from Network Webcams. They also have a store located in the UK.

Re: Product Review: The Axis 2100 Network Camera

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I really appreciated your review, especially about the "obvious" things to be aware of such as a RJ45 that really worked. Your descriptions were clear and useful.

I almost wish you would have made more mistakes so I could learn more from your article. I am trying to run my camera from behind a linksys router, and tough the flashing green light suggests I am connected, I cannot view a picture for the life of me (yet.) 954-772-8776

thanks again for your article 1/30/02

Re: Product Review: The Axis 2100 Network Camera

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John, if you have NAT gateway in your router, you need to address the cameras with your external IP address (given to you by your ISP) and not the internal (192.168.x.x). The way to do this is to assign a port number to the camera, such as 81 (done in the network setup of the camera) and use that to address the camera from outside the router. For instance

If you dont' have a fix external IP address you need to do some DNS-tricks, contact the cool Axis-guys at and they will help you out.

Re: Product Review: The Axis 2100 Network Camera

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I am testing them for a larger application, but I have two running behind a netgear router. I allowed DHCP to assign it an IP addie and check the DHCP table in the routers' menu. I typed in the IP and no problem it was up and running.

good luck

D. Hulse

Re: Product Review: The Axis 2100 Network Camera

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Feb 6, 2002

Dear Mr. Schumaker,

I would appreciate it if you could advise me.

Less than a year ago, I bought an ATI capture card (Radeon VIVO) and installed it on one of my computers. I also bought micro camera (resolution at least 400 lines, and luc .05). I was able to see live (no delay) images through the micro camera attached to the camera care.

I have an intranet at home, seven computers attached to Linksys 8-port router, using Windows 2000 Professional. Using Microsoft NetMeeting I was able to do video conferencing LIVE from one room to another room, using my home intranet. The images and sound are live (no delay). I could see my three year old daughter singing in the other room, and she got a kick out of it.

But later, I could not make NetMeeting work anymore. I learnt from ATI that Microsoft has changed the format and that is why I could no longer use NetMeeting for video conferencing. I do not remember details regarding name and nature of the format.

It was so good. Do you have any suggestion how I can do video conferencing using NetMeeting or any other similar software.

The video servers and web camers do not have the flexibility that I was able to do, and my way was so cheap.

I would appreciate if you have any suggestions.

BO Gyi

TEL : 909-353-4014