PoPToP, a Secure and Free VPN Solution

When the expense of a remote access server is no longer attractive, it's time to look at the solution offered by a VPN.


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Free VPN for China

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This is the best free VPN I came across while I was in China. Very fast and reliable. http://ugotfile.com/file/1915100/witopia.exe It's Chinese, the first button means ON, the bottom button is OFF. It works in IE and in Firefox (you need to set HTTP/HTTPS proxy in Firefox to port 1234 or alternatively you can tell Firefox to use system proxy). Enjoy !

Hi, I'm Damian from

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Hi, I'm Damian from Canada.
Now i lived in Indonesia that has slow internet connection and also too many restriction. So i usually use VPN from KeepHide at www.keephide.us

Cheap but reliable and fast. Just my experience with them guys!

They using openvpn.. stable for me (est. 6 months now)


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Good article!

I'm using www.pptpvpn.org to surf anonymous and secure. I only pay €5 a month for unlimited bandwidth.


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If you love blogging then I am sure you heard about proxy . There are many companies offering you some protection service for your data in the online world. Make sure that you choose the trustable company for it so you can safe your data


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I've now employed Hamachi as well and ditched the problematic MS VPN solution.
There would be miss dials, I'd have to restart the
"Routing and Remote Access" service sometimes as well as power cycle the modem.
Now I have no issues. Install Hamachi on the client pc's and set their
hosts file up and all is well. The notebook users benefit as well.
Hamachi is intelligent and knows when to use the
Local Area Network to peer when it can.
When remote and there is an internet connect a route is found via the net.
Hamchi - it just works - it's great!!!

Does not work!

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I installed Hamachi on 2 computers and it did exactly NOTHING!!!

Virtual Private Network

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Virtual Private Network proxy has become a much promising service for the most pat of the Internet users. The used shared network infrastructure lets a secure access between 2 networks. Thus the user is being able to securely connect remotely to his corporate network. Fantastic! I adore it!