New Products

AVP for Linux/FreeBSD UNIX, API PowerRAC Chassis 320, ODBC-ODBC Bridge and more.
AVP for Linux/FreeBSD UNIX

Kaspersky Lab announced the public release of the first commercial version of AVP for Linux/FreeBSD UNIX, a comprehensive anti-virus defense system for workstations, file servers and application servers. It includes three main components: AVP anti-virus scanner, anti-virus filter AVP Daemon and background virus interceptor AVP Monitor. AVP Monitor is a client part of AVP Daemon that intercepts all file operations and checks objects for viruses.

Contact: Kaspersky Lab Ltd., 10, Geroyev Panfilovtcev Str., 123363 Moscow, Russia, +7-095-948-56-50, +7-095-948-43-31 (fax),,

API PowerRAC Chassis 320

Alpha Processor, Inc. announced the API PowerRAC Chassis 320, a robust, high-density packaging option for its high-performance UP2000 motherboard. It provides the ability to configure up to 28 fast processors in a standard rack-mountable cabinet and enables customers to pack up to 14 of API's dual-processor UP2000 motherboards into each rack. The PowerRAC Chassis allows the creation of a high-performance computing solution with 42 GFLOPs of peak computing capacity, 28GB of SDRAM, 28 independent PCI buses and numerous gigabytes per second of memory and I/O bandwidth.

Contact: Alpha Processor Inc., 130C Baker Ave. Ext., Concord, MA 01742, 978-318-1100, 978-371-3177 (fax),,


Easysoft introduced their ODBC-ODBC Bridge, a new component in the Easysoft Data Access 2000 family of enterprise software components and services. By extending the ODBC API to Linux, the Easysoft ODBC-ODBC Bridge allows access to any ODBC-enabled database using standard Linux development tools and desktop applications. The Bridge is supported within Perl DBI DBD::ODBC, C, Python, Rexx/SQL and PHP and has been fully tested with leading office software such as Applixware and StarOffice.

Contact: Easysoft Ltd, No. 3 The Embankment, Sovereign Street, Leeds, LS1 4BJ, United Kingdom, +44-0-113-222-0400, +44-0-113-222-0500 (fax),,

LinkScan 6.1

Electronic Software Publishing Corporation (Elsop) introduced LinkScan version 6.1. LinkScan is the industrial-strength link-checking and web-site-management tool for UNIX, Linux and other systems. It is accurate, scalable, fast and highly customizable. LinkScan creates two types of publication-quality SiteMaps and is professionally supported. LinkScan 6.1 includes the ability to import a simple list of links for validation, improved support for validating hyperlinks embedded in PDF documents and a new Extraheader command. It has been benchmarked at over 40,000 links checked per hour. Multi-threaded processing can check over 60 links concurrently.

Contact: Electronic Software Publishing Corporation,,

Metro-X Enhanced Server CD

Metro Link's Metro-X Enhanced Server Set on CD-ROM is now available. The new CD release supports both Linux/x86 and FreeBSD/x86 and includes a printed manual. Metro-X 4.3, a robust X11 Release 6.4 server replacement, provides support for several fast, popular graphics cards including AGP cards. Touch-screen and multi-screen support are included at no extra charge.

Contact: Metro Link, Inc., 4711 Powerline Rd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, 954-938-0283, 954-938-1982 (fax),,

P-STAT Statistical Software

P-STAT, Inc. announced a free version of the P-STAT software for Intel PCs running Linux. This free Linux version is fully functional and allows a file size of 500 variables and 5000 cases of data-perfect for teaching or real-world applications with limited data requirements. The P-STAT software combines data and file management, data entry and editing with report writing and statistical procedures.

Contact: P-STAT, Inc., 230 Lambertville-Hopewell Rd., Hopewell, NJ 08525-2809, 609-466-9200, 609-466-1688 (fax),,