EasyLinux v1.2

EasyLinux, developed by Easy Information Technology, has as its main goal an easy way to install Linux.

Nowadays, with the discovery of Linux as a great and powerful operating system, a whole new market has been discovered: the desktop. All the existing Linux distributions are improving their systems in order to establish a friendly interface with new users. New distributions are being created specifically to attract new users who want to experiment with Linux, and EasyLinux is a good example of this. It offers a fast and easy installation mode that allows both the novice and experienced user to begin to use Linux. If you want to try it, I suggest taking a look at a free download of EasyLinux v2000 from their site.

Pedro Paulo Ferreira Bueno (pedro.bueno@persogo.com.br), a computer science student from the Catholic University of Goias (UCG-Brazil), is the manager of LinuxGO, the Goias Linux User Group and the network card moderator at Linux Knowledge base. He has been a maniacal Linux user since kernel 2.0.7. When not in front of his Linux machine, he is probably playing soccer.