Update on LPI Certification for Linux Professionals

Need to be Linux certified to get that dream job? The LPI provides the means to obtain certification.
Moving Forward

As I write this (December 1999), the year is drawing to a close, and a new certification program is being rolled out early in 2000. Although our first exam was completed in November, it has taken a while for the exam to be deployed, and we expect it to be out globally in January 2000. The second exam, T1b, should be out shortly after that, with the T2 exams coming during February and March. By the time you read this, all the exams of LPI Level 1 should be out and people will be getting certified.

There will, however, be much more to do. Throughout the early part of 2000, we will be defining LPI Level 2 and undertaking the surveys and other steps necessary to define the objectives and develop the actual exams. We will be doing a great deal of publicity to get the word out in every way, shape and form possible. We may even be thinking about Level 3 by April.

It will be an exciting time, and there will be many opportunities to become involved. We will need the help of many people to complete everything we wish to do. Please visit our web site to learn more about how you can become certified and help us move the program forward.

We are very thankful to the hundreds of people who have helped us so far, and we look forward to working with many more as the program progresses. Thank you all for your support!

Dan York is the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Linux Professional Institute and can be contacted at dan@lpi.org.



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German Infosite

Linux Zertifikate's picture

A small site about linux certification in German you can found on linux-zertifikat.de Of course there is a short overview about LPI Certification too.