Tracking Satellites with PREDICT

A look at the development and use of an open-source satellite-tracking and orbital-prediction program.

Development of PREDICT continues on an almost-daily basis after having been released as open-source software under the GNU General Public License last year. Through the development of PREDICT, the Linux operating system has clearly shown itself as being a superb platform for the design, development and implementation of applications relating to science, engineering and education. The free exchange of ideas, the open scrutiny of those ideas among peers, and the constructive feedback gained from such open discussions is not unlike the long-held traditions of the science and engineering fields. This environment will surely contribute to the continued success of Linux, not only in the fields of science and engineering, but in many other areas as well.



John A. Magliacane has been using Linux since 1.1.59. He holds an advanced class FCC amateur radio license (KD2BD) as well as a commercial FCC radio operator's license. His interests include satellite communication systems, Linux software development and hardware design. John may be reached via e-mail at, or via the KITSAT-OSCAR-25 satellite.