Profile: TiVo

The ultimate in recording television programs, TiVo is a set-top box that does everything for you.
Product Specifications
  • PowerPC-based Linux

  • Stores 14-30 hours

  • Inputs: cable-ready tuner, S-video and composite video support all U.S. standards

  • Outputs: RF, S-video and two composite video outputs

  • Channel Control: channel and power control of cable and satellite boxes with serial or IR

  • Dimensions: 17-1/8-inch width by 12-5/8-inch depth by 4-1/8-inch height

  • Compatible with all cable, satellite (DBS) and terrestrial broadcast TV systems in the U.S.

Where to Get One

TiVo is available for $499 in the model that stores up to 14 hours on 13.5GB and $999 for the model that stores 30 hours on 27.2GB. You'll also need to sign up for TiVo's monthly service, which is $9.95 per month or $199 for a lifetime subscription. TiVo is available in a variety of retail stores including Best Buy, Circuit City and Sears. If you prefer to shop on-line, TiVo is available at,, and


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