Shell Functions and Path Variables, Part 1

Shell utilities can simplify the maintenance of your path variables.


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user entering a variable name can also be solved

Mohamed Mustafa Z's picture

I was having a problem when a user enters a input
i wanted to store the value of the variable into another on the fly. if the input was not a variable it shd get the value as is. I.E
echo "Enter oracle path:"
read $VAR

here if the user enters $ORACLE_HOME i wanted the var to have the value of $ORACLE_HOME and if he enters /oracle/binxyz i wanted as it is
that was solved by:
eval VAR=\"$VAR\"

Thanks for the posting :)

testoptions 'problem'

joe Davison's picture

Nice example.

I was nasty, though, I tried: testoptions -a -b "a b" -c

It took a while to figure out what the error message meant -- the eval sees a form like
opt_b=a b
and tries to find a command 'b' to execute with $opt_b == 'a'...

The fix was a couple of escaped quotes in the eval and in the final echo:
eval opt_$argname=\"$OPTARG\" # set option name
echo opt_b=\"$opt_b\"