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Cygnus Solutions announced plans to release the source code to Cygnus Insight, a graphical user interface (GUI) for the industry-standard GNU debugger, GDB. Known in programming circles as GDBtk, the Cygnus Insight GUI provides the technology for effective and efficient debug sessions by improving a software developer's ability to visualize, manage and examine the status of a program as it is running. The source code for Cygnus Insight debugger will be available from Cygnus at http://sourceware.cygnus.com/gdb/.

Kasten Chase, a provider of host access connectivity solutions announced that its VersaPath web-to-host product (http://www.versapath.com/) will support the Linux operating system and Java client technology, making this complete web-to-host solution more flexible. VersaPath fully integrates desktop and browser clients in a single solution.

Metrowerks Inc. (http://www.metrowerks.com/), a supplier of software development tools for telecom, desktop, embedded systems and consumer electronics, and SuSE GmbH (http://www.suse.com/), a provider of Linux software and consulting services, announced a partnership to provide CodeWarrior software development tools for the SuSE Linux operating system.

The Debian Project announced a hardware vendor commitment from Linux Laptops Ltd. Linux Laptops is the only hardware vendor devoted exclusively to delivering portable computers with Linux software installed and ready to use. Laptops with Debian GNU/Linux pre-installed can be ordered via the company's web site at http://linuxlaptops.com/.

Stormix Technologies in Canada announced the alpha version of a new Linux distribution called Storm Linux. Based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, Storm Linux is designed to be easy to use and simple to install. Its target market is both the server and the desktop market. All development for Storm Linux will be open source. The final release of Storm Linux is expected in the fourth quarter of 1999.

Red Hat, Inc. (http://www.redhat.com/), a developer and provider of Linux-based operating system solutions, announced that Global Knowledge, an independent IT training company, will provide hands-on, real-world training and certification nationwide for Red Hat Linux, including the Red Hat Certified Engineer program.

Hummingbird Communications Ltd. (http://www.hummingbird.com/), an enterprise software company, announced it has joined Red Hat's Independent Software Vendor Program and will participate in joint marketing activities. The new relationship will give Linux users access to all of Hummingbird's fat-client connectivity products including Exceed, HostExplorer, NFS Maestro Server, NFS Maestro Client, NFS Maestro Gateway and NFS Maestro Solo.

Stalker Software, Inc. (http://www.stalker.com/) announced the LinuxPPC version of their high-end CommuniGate Pro messaging system. CommuniGate Pro is a Unified Messaging Server which supports most major operating systems. On all platforms, CommuniGate Pro presents the same interface and uses the same file formats, allowing any organization to switch server platforms in less than an hour.

SourceGear Corporation (http://www.sourcegear.com/) announced today that it has acquired Cyclic Software and is looking forward to the opportunity to be involved in the support and development of CVS. SourceGear is a new identity for an existing company and is the founder and sponsor of the AbiWord project. They are active participants in the free software world and intend to serve the community as active maintainers of CVS and leaders in the ongoing development of this tool.

Oracle announced it was developing a computer (Intel-based) with no hard drive that will sell for $150 without a monitor, $250 with a monitor. It will come with the Linux operating system and Netscape Navigator installed. A CD-ROM drive will be used for booting the system and upgrading software. Dates for its manufacture and release have not been set.


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