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LJ INDEX—September 1999
  • Speed achieved by the 350-node Cplant98 cluster running Linux at Sandia National Laboratory: 125.2GFLOPS

  • Where 125.2GFLOPS places the Sandia system in the current TOP 500 list of supercomputers: 53

  • Position of microsoft.com among the top sources of visitors to the new linux.com: 1

  • Number of microsoft.com visitors in the first two weeks of linux.com's operation: 15,000

  • Total age of Phat Linux's two founders: 30

  • Number of Net-connected computers whose spare CPU cycles are devoted to searching for extraterrestrial intelligence by SETI: 625,253

  • Total CPU time of all those computers: 99,799,890 hr 45 min 38.8 sec (11,392.68 years)

  • Number of “results” returned by all that terrestrial intelligence: 2,258,824

  • Percentage of those results produced by Linux platforms: 12

  • Position of Linux among all platforms in results performance: 2

  • Professional attendees at Linux Expo Paris 99: 5000

  • Number of exhibitors and vendors at Linux Expo Paris 99: 87

  1. Phat Linux, www.phatlinux.com/about.html

  2. VA Linux Systems, http://www.valinuxsystems.com/

  3. TOP 500, http://www.top500.org/

  4. Linux Today, www.linuxtoday.com/stories/6797.html?nn

  5. SETI site, June 15, 1999, http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/

  6. Linux Expo Paris press release, June 23, 1999


vi rocks. It also rules. So says Vassilii's Editors Sucks-Rules-O-Meter, which mines the verbs on Altavista and pronounces vi the winner over Emacs and all the other editors as a subject of those two superlatives. As of July 3, vi had a 350/10 rules/sucks ratio. And it looks like Linus isn't the only one out there who hates Emacs—a sentiment he shared with us on a recent panel that also featured Emacs creator Richard Stallman. Emacs' rules/sucks ratio is 22/59. This meter can be found at http://www.tarunz.org/~vassilii/srom/and is updated weekly. Thanks to Vassilii Khachaturov.


Want a new domain name? Good luck. We are at the bottom of the .com barrel, and the .net and .org barrels must be getting fairly low too. While the urban legend says every word in the dictionary has been sold for .com use, “misstep” is still there. So is “dodder”. A lot of two-word combos (such as hunkerdown) are gone as well, but a few (such as stupiddog) are still there. But your chances of getting the domain you want are being reduced every second by the sharks who buy domains from Network Solutions for $70 and then sell them for far higher prices (up to millions of US$) to the unfortunates who came too late to buy direct.

Thus, your only two strategic naming choices are anonymous or strange—or both. Why not create a front company with a camouflage name like “Symnetix.com”, while your actual business will be an enterprise NT replacement service called “Bizfloss.com”? If you do that, remember who your friends are when you file for that IPO (initial public offering).

To save you a bit of work, I went through the familiar whois routine to scope out the possibilities. They are mighty slim. Let's say you are in the bug zapper business and want “bzzt.com”. Well, Allan Henning of Stockton, California has already grabbed that one. How about dropping a z? Nope; “bzt.com” belongs to Hovinga Holding in the Netherlands. How about adding a z? Wrong again; “bzzzt.com” has gone to the Mikluhomaklai Sensation Corp. in Omsk, Siberia. Okay, how about one more z? Voilà! You can have it. Now prepare to spend the rest of your business life saying, “that's bzzzzt.com with four Z's.”

  • awfulstrange.com

  • glassgargle.com

  • spizanch.com

  • girlfriendfromhell.com

  • loadolinux.com

  • thirdwife.com

  • rsh2god.com

  • yerassismine.com

  • pantywad.com

  • tuxdisk.com

  • niddle.com

  • stoptalking.org

  • stopmakingsense.com

  • thunderingnerd.com

  • 2manyservers.com

  • nowgoaway.com

  • stilldead.org

  • avatato.com

  • pocato.com

  • thbzzz.com

  • birdgrinder.com

  • crosslips.com

  • isobaptist.com

  • umess.edu

  • bozoretentive.com

  • fubar.mil

  • overdive.com

  • deathpatty.com

  • halfcat.com

  • twitchingannoyances.com

  • zonecontact.org

  • flatoutbad.com

  • placentamix.com

  • hatefuljavapages.com

  • java2die4.com

  • aaaarg.com

  • obytheway.com

  • freedeath.com

  • buildingcozy.com

  • condomcrobar.com

—Doc Searls


Doc Searls is the Editor in Chief of Linux Journal