DB2 Universal Database for Linux, Version 5.2

Among the impressive list of big-name databases now available for Linux is IBM's DB2.
Do It with a Java-Based GUI

If your client is connected to the server over TCP/IP, you can use a Java applet from your browser to access the database. To do so, you need to use the Command Line Processor to catalog the remote node for the client. After that, you can open the applet in your browser by selecting Open Page from the File Menu and choosing /home/db2inst1/java/prime/db2webcc.htm.


I've tried to provide enough information to get you started. One of the best things about this database is the huge amount of information IBM provides in the on-line books as well as at their web site. There were a few features not available in the 5.2 beta I tested, and these were documented in README.linux. Support from the big-name database providers removes yet another barrier to the widespread use of Linux in corporations, and DB2 on Linux looks like a winner.

John Kacur (jkacur@acm.org) has a B.A. in Fine Arts. After two years studying Russian in the Ukraine and another two years teaching English in Germany, John returned to Canada to pursue a second degree in Computer Science.