Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off.
Correction to grep Article

In the syntax section of the April article “grep: Searching for Words”, Jan Rooijackers mistakes shell expansion with regular expressions. The grep command grep flip * does indeed use the regular expression “flip”, but it never sees the *, as the shell has expanded that asterisk to be each file in the directory. Mr. Rooijackers incorrectly explains that grep is using the asterisk as a regular expression meaning all the files in the directory.

—Michael Jones mjone4@amfam.com

Minor Correction

Linux Journal is amazing, and issue #60 was no exception. However, I'd like to point out a minor typing mistake in the article “Linux 2.2 and the Frame-Buffer Console”; the text says the frame buffer device files are /dev/fd*. Shouldn't that be /dev/fb*?

—Celso Kopp Webber webber@sj.univali.rct-sc.br

Yes, you found a typo we missed. Thanks for pointing it out —Editor

URL in May 99

I received my free issue of Linux Journal today and began reading the article “Creat: An Embedded Systems Project” by Nick Bailey. It contains the URL http://ryeham.ee.ryerson.ca/uCinux/ for the Linux/Microcontroller home page. I tried to access this site, with no luck. Can you tell me the correct URL?

—Rich keske@lexmark.com

Pesky typos! The correct URL is http://ryeham.ee.ryerson.ca/uClinux/ —Editor