Open Source Remote Sensing Effort

Remote sensing software is being developed using the Open Source model by the web project at
The Highway Ahead

What does this mean for the remote-sensing community and the global consumer? An unparalleled opportunity exists to allow the average consumer to see and understand information about our world that otherwise might not be possible for many years. The flood of raw data about our earth does us no good if we cannot turn it into information which provides broad uses to impact our socioeconomic problems in this borderless world. is dedicated to providing the world with affordable data and information capabilities to allow us to take better care of the world. What better way to do this than to bring the finest minds together in the Open Source world which Linux has created and allow them to do just that—create?


Dr. Shawana P. Johnson ( is President of Global Marketing Insights, Inc., which provides strategic sales and marketing planning focused on the global remote sensing community, including companies involved in the development and launch of earth observation systems, as well as companies who sell and process the data. She received her Doctorate in Management from Case Western Reserve University where she specialized in technology transfer and global economics.