Introduction to Sybase, Part 2

This month Mr. Sissom shows us how to set up and use a Sybase client written in Perl through examples.

The Sybase database server is a powerful piece of software. Unfortunately, all that power comes with a price. Setting up and supporting a Sybase server isn't as easy as using Postgres or MySQL, but if you need a heavy-duty, high-performance database, Sybase is your best bet.

Next month, we'll discuss application development using Sybase on Linux. This article will appear in the “Strictly On-line” section.

Jay Sissom is responsible for the web-based front end to the financial decision support data at Indiana University. He has installed and supported Sybase databases on many operating systems and has written database clients for the Web using C, C++ and sybperl and for Windows using tools like Visual Basic and PowerBuilder. When he isn't programming, he enjoys amateur radio and playing his bass guitar and keyboards. If you have questions, you can contact him via e-mail at


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