Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator

Exploring connectionism and machine learning with SNNS.
Getting and Installing SNNS

Complete instructions for getting and installing SNNS can be found at Prepackaged binaries are also available as part of the Debian distribution. Check for the Debian FTP site nearest you.


Neural networks enable the solution of problems for which there is no known algorithm or defining set of logical rules. They are based loosely on neurobiological processes and are thus capable of decisions which are intuitively obvious to humans but extremely difficult to solve using conventional computer processes. They are also less brittle and prone to failure than conventional systems due to their distributed nature. Their inherent parallelism provides opportunities for highly optimized performance using parallel hardware. The Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator (SNNS) is a powerful tool for prototyping computer systems based on neural network models.


Ed Petron is a computer consultant interested in heterogeneous computing. He holds a Bachelor of Music from Indiana University and a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Chapman College. His home page, The Technical and Network Computing Home Page at, is dedicated to Linux, the X Window System, heterogeneous computing and free software. Ed can be reached via e-mail at