Overview Of The Debian GNU/Linux System

In previous columns Ian introduced the Debian system, explained the circumstances that led to its creation and detailed the motivations that keep the project alive. This month's column will tell the reader how and where to get Debian and what it has to offer.


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A simple thanks to you sir...

andrew's picture

What can I say? Debian is the best for me. I've been using Linux for about 10 months time and I started using Debian and get rooted on the feeling and taste of Freedom. Long Live F/OSS, Long Live Debian.

In Philippine Bisayan dialect: "Padayon sa pg-uswag Debian"

Thanks a lot!

zolix's picture

Hi All Debianers,

This article was very emotional for me! I met Debian in 1999, it was love at first sight! :-) I have tried other distros also, but always returned to my roots!

Long live Debian! :-)


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wowww.. so many few years ago.. i want to do an a congratulations to you (iann), i'm think u're work really nice. see ya later.

great work

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Thank you, Ian and all Debianers! I am using Debian since 2004 and it's become my only OS.