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Announcement of version 0.9.2 of Linux/68k and Change of Maintainer of LSM.
Announcement of Linux/MIPS—Linux on Mips R4x00-based computers

The port of the Linux Operating System to Mips R4x00 based computers has been announced on the Internet. A complete Linux/MIPS distribution is expected in 1995.

Announcement of version 0.9.2 of Linux/68k

This message announces the availability of version 0.9.2 of Linux/68k. It can be ftped from directory /pub/linux/680x0 at A precompiled kernel executable can be found in vmlinux-0.09pl2.gz in the “kernel” subdirectory.

The corresponding “bootstrap” program for the Amiga is available in file amiboot-1.8.gz in the “kernel” subdirectory. If available, the “bootstrap” program for the Atari will be found in file “ataboot-0.2.gz” in the “kernel” subdirectory (the author of this ANNOUNCE-* file cannot compile such a “bootstrap” program and thus is waiting for one from someone else).

The source patch for the this version of the kernel can be found in linux-0.9.pl2.diff.gz in the “src” subdirectory.

Change of Maintainer of LSM

Lars Wirzenius posted in comp.os.linux.announce: ..I'm taking over maintenance of the Linux Software Map, or LSM for short. I'll start by making a number of changes; see the new LSM template below. In addition to changes to the template, you might want to prepare yourselves for some initial confusion on my part while I make myself comfortable with the new job. :-)

Hopefully everything will go well. Don't wish me luck, send me constructive criticism.

I am uploading to sunsite a database in the new form and a tool for browsing it. The tool, called lsmtool, is not all that well written, and is somewhat prone to crash. You have been warned. It also requires Publib, a library of C functions I've written, which you will have to get separately.


I would be grateful if anyone who keeps the LSM on WWW or makes it otherwise available would contact me. There might be something that I can do to make your life simpler, and at the very least, I can list URL's in the README.

—Lars Wirzenius Lars.Wirzenius@cs.Helsinki.FI


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