Request for Questions and Answers. Win a free subscription to Linux Journal.

Starting with the April issue, Linux Journal will have a Linux Question and Answer column. If you would like to submit a question, send it to: linux@ssc.com or mail or FAX it to Linux Journal at our Seattle office. questions@fylz.com Editorial address:

Linux Journal, P.O. Box 85867Seattle, WA 98145-1867fax: +1 206-782-7191tel: +1 206-782-7733

To be considered for use in LJ, questions should be Linux-specific. Questions applicable to any Linux distribution will be considered first. Questions can be related to hardware, system, or programming.

If you have an informative or interesting answer to a question that had caused you or a colleague grief, we would also be grateful if you would send it along without waiting for us to pose the question.

All entries used will qualify for a complimentary subscription to Linux Journal that will be awarded each month. If you are already a subscriber, you can use your prize for a friend or colleague.



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Its better to provide more Hyperlinks in the homepage of a article column