AcceleratedX CDE and Display Server for PC Unix

The wide variety of supported hardware makes this product a better choice in high-demand environments and with aging equipment.

Figure 4. Help Viewer

The installation process for both packages is simple and reasonably straightforward. The CDE installation consists of mounting the CD and running dtinstall. The script takes care of the file copy and administrative tasks in one step. The display server installation is explained in the user's manual. The process entailed changing to a specific directory, decompressing the package from two floppy disks and running two scripts.

Technical Support

Xi Graphics' technical support can be summed up in two words, quick and effective. Send your inquiry to or If you just need information, send a note to You will receive an automated reply with a generous helping of information texts and FAQs that are available from their mail-server. You can also call their pre-sales tech support and sales line at 800-946-7433, full-service tech support at 303-298-7478 or fax your questions to 303-298-1406.

Figure 5. Printer Window

Comparison with other products

This is the first commercial X server I have had experience with, since I normally take the “free” route. When compared to XFree86, it shows definite signs of improvement. The wide variety of supported hardware makes this product a better choice in high-demand environments and with aging equipment. I found CDE to be easier to set up and administer in a networked environment than XFree86. The robust selection of built-in applications add value to any system. The printed manuals are laid out in a logical fashion, making it easy to find most of the answers. The on-line help is more graphical than xman, but the information is focused on helping the user, not the system administrator. In general, I liked AcceleratedX and the Common Desktop Environment. I certainly recommend it for mission-critical commercial applications and for the “serious” home user.

Company Profile

Xi Graphics, Inc. is located in Denver, Colorado, and employs a staff of around 20 talented individuals. Their web-site can be browsed at both and is the preferred address as they have recently changed their company name from X Inside to Xi Graphics.


Xi Graphics has a widely dispersed list of authorized resellers, located in Canada, USA, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and Japan. Either browse their web-site or send e-mail to to find the dealer nearest you.

Installed base

US West in Minnesota, University of Minnesota, University of Texas Austin and University of North Carolina are among notable users of AcceleratedX and the Common Desktop Environment.


If it's Intel, has Linux or FreeBSD and X11R6 installed, these products will run on it.


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