New Products

AcceleratedX Server Version 3.1, CDE Business Desktop, DNEWS News Server 4.0 and more.
SOLID Desktop

Information Technology Ltd announced a campaign targeted at the community of Linux developers. Between March and September 1997 Linux enthusiasts will be presented with a free personal version of the SQL database engine SOLID Server. Numerous commercial and non-commercial web sites are joining Solid Information Technology Ltd in this program by letting their web visitors download the free SOLID Desktop from their site. The SOLID Desktop for Linux is offered free of charge for anyone to download from numerous web sites around the world. The license is for personal and development use.

Contact:Solid Information Technology Ltd, Huovitie 3, FIN-00400 Helsinki, Finland, Phone: +358-9-477-4730, Fax: +358-9-477-47-390, E-mail:, URL:

Lone Star LONE-TAR 2.2

Lone Star Software Corporation (Cactus International) announced the release of LONE-TAR Version 2.2. Lone Star has added new features to LONE-TAR in the new version including: addition of TCP/IP network support, 30% faster Bit-Level with the ability to verify the integrity of symbolic links and report any broken links, a new restart feature that allows the user to restart a backup at a specified filename, and the ability to automatically exclude any network mounted file systems and “read-only” mounted file systems such as a CD-ROM. LONE-TAR includes a standard one year technical support.

Contact: Lone Star Software, 13987 West Annapolis CT, Mount Airy, MD 21771, Phone: 301-829-1622, Fax: 301-829-1623.

Cactus System Crash AIR-BAG

Cactus International (Lone Star) announced the release of Cactus System Crash AIR-BAG Among the new features added are: a Modem-dial-in facility with file transfer abilities, Boot Time Loadable Driver support, unlimited number of hard drive support, unlimited filesystem support, and improved compacting of the Unix kernel. The system comes with a standard one year technical support.

Contact: Cactus International Inc., 13987 West Annapolis CT, Mount Airy, MD, Phone: 301-829-1622, Fax: 301-829-1623.