DDD—Data Display Debugger

DDD provides a graphical user interface for the Unix debuggers, gdb and dbx. This article gives a good introduction to its many features.

ddd has more features than I have covered here; however, this article should give you a good start. It is refreshing to see Unix enter the modern era with graphical front ends which do not limit the user. When I first found ddd, I was quite impressed at its potential for novice Unix programmers. However, I also find myself firing it up quite often, even though I am a fully “qualified” Unix hacker with many gdb scars. The simplicity and elegance of ddd will make even the most die-hard shell fanatic roll over and accept it in many situations.

Shay Rojansky is an 18-year-old high school student about to be drafted into the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), where he hopes to push Linux as an OS. He sometimes works in his high school as a system administrator (mainly Linux). He can be reached via e-mail at roji@cs.haji.ac.il.



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ulimit --help