New Products

NetAcquire 3000 Server, Telaxian Shield Firewall System, Willows RT for Tornado and more.
Network Technologies Video Switch

Network Technologies Inc. announced a new line of video switches which allow two computers on different platforms to share the same monitor. The SE-SPV-2 allows a PC and a Sun workstation to share a monitor and retails for $280. Each of the available switches comes with a one year warranty, and has an optional remote RMT-2-ST.

Contact: Network Technologies Inc., 1275 Danner Dr., Aurora, OH 44202, Phone: 800-742-8324, E-mail:, URL: http//

FrontPage Server Extensions for Linux

Ready-To-Run Software announced the availability of Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions for a wide range of Unix web servers including Linux. FrontPage is a web authoring and management tool. For pricing information contact Ready-To-Run Software.

Contact: Ready-To-Run Software, 4 Pleasant St., P.O. Box 2038, Forge Village, MA 01886-5038, Phone: 508-692-9922, Fax: 508-692-9990, E-mail:, URL: