Streaming Audio in Linux

This article presents a brief description of the nature and perception of sound, how to deal with sound as an object in a computer and the available software for streaming audio.

It is very important to have the basic, digital-audio concepts clear in mind during the implementation process of an application, otherwise there is the risk of a misconception or tiny mistakes that are difficult to locate.

The great number of programs available around the net show that this kind of resource is appealing, and they also provide you with a base at which to begin programming, so you do not have to start from scratch.

I have purposely left the implementation details out of this article, since it would be impossible to keep it both concise and accurate, as well as helpful. Again, I suggest to those interested in the inner details to go to the links mentioned and download some of the existing applications to learn how they were coded.


Siome Klein Goldenstein is an Electronic Engineer and has a MS in Computer Science (Graphics). By the time of printing he will be starting a PhD in Computer Science at University of Pennsylvania.