Is This Any Way to Run a Railroad?

We take the tag line on the cover (“The Monthly Magazine of the Linux Community”) seriously.
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The most common question for a beginner is: “What should I buy?” For someone who has been working with Linux for some time, this is a common question as well—the query is just more likely to be about an ISDN board or scanner than a Linux distribution. We are encouraging vendors to send us products to review and hope to keep up with the new product releases so we can help you make product selections.

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Finally, we are producing a larger magazine. That means we will have more space for the new columns and more reviews. What makes this possible is more income. We are growing as fast as we can right now, but we need you to do your part. Buy your boss a subscription. Tell a fellow Linux user about us. And when you buy something for Linux tell the vendor that you found out about him in Linux Journal. That's the way it all happens.

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We have other changes in the works as well. Watch for information on them in the December issue, or watch for news flashes on our web site. With your help we can continue to be the Linux resource you need as well as a tool that helps show others that Linux has become a real part of the computing industry.


Phil Hughes