Satellite Tracking with Linux

Looking for something fun to do with your Linux box? One of the most impressive applications available for Linux is SatTrack 3.1 for Unix.
Information about SatTrack

Information about SatTrack for Unix is available at

SatTrack 3.1 can be downloaded and used free for private, non-commercial purposes, and the author, Manfred Bester, offers version 4.0 of SatTrack with more options and a more graphical interface for commercial use.

Figure 5: SatTrack Orbit Prediction Short Form

Figure 6. SatTrack v4.0.1 GUI for Multi-Satellite Line Display

To get a taste of using SatTrack to predict times of visibility in a satellite's orbit, check out

For more information about amateur radio, see the home page of the American Radio Relay League:

For information about Amateur Radio satellites in particular, see the home page of AMSAT, the National Amateur Radio Satellite Corporation:

For information about the Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment, see

Ken Harker, N1PVB has been a licensed radio amateur since October,1993, and an avid Linux user since June 1995. He's currently a graduate student in the Computer Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin.