Linux? On the Macintosh? With Mach?

Discover MkLinux—what machines it runs on and what it will do when it gets there.
You Can Join Our Team!

The MkLinux team currently numbers over 15 registered developers, some 4000 registered users and 5000 mailing list subscribers. (We admit some of the mailing list subscribers are also registered users.) If you haven't joined our team, we'd be happy to welcome you.

The current release of MkLinux is always available by both anonymous FTP and on CD-ROM. Our FTP site,, is mirrored by nearly two dozen sites worldwide. The Apple-endorsed CD-ROM, emblazoned with MkPenguin (the Linux penguin, sitting on a Power Mac), is available via mail order from the publisher, Prime Time Freeware (,

Due to their experience in Unix and freeware publishing, Prime Time Freeware has been selected to publish Apple's reference release of MkLinux. Edited with the assistance and support of the Apple MkLinux team, MkLinux: Microkernel Linux for the Power Macintosh will contain both a tutorial introduction to MkLinux and a variety of interesting and useful reference material. By the time this article goes to press, the reference release should be in print.

Composed of a book and two CD-ROMs, the product will contain a variety of reference material about Linux, Mach, MkLinux, and the Power Macintosh. MkLinux: Microkernel Linux for the Power Macintosh is the only reference work for MkLinux, containing a variety of material that will be unavailable from any other single source. It will be available in many technical and professional bookstores and by direct mail order from the publisher.

Visit our web site ( and look around, then join some mailing lists. We strongly recommend you join mklinux-announce and mklinux-answers; these are moderated lists (low in volume, high in relevant information) keep users abreast of important events in the MkLinux community. The remaining (topical) groups provide a means for you to interact with other MkLinux developers and users, sharing ideas, problems, and solutions. See you on the Net.

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Vicki Brown has been working with Unix systems of one sort or another since 1983, much of that time in the employ of Apple Computer. Currently a member of the MkLinux project team, she describes her job duties as Firewarden, Web Gardener and Stagehand. In her spare time Vicki enjoys reading, keeping up with Star Trek and Babylon 5, and spending time with her spouse and four cats. She can be reached at


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